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Highland Tactical offers the most durable and reliable tactical gear for adventurers and hunters. Our tactical range bags are designed to withstand any environment, while offering plenty of pockets and storage for ammunition.

VANQUISH - RANGE BAG Precision 37" Double-Rifle Case Winchester

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Customize Your Bag to Suit Your Needs

Our tactical rifle bags come with MOLLE paneling, allowing you to customize your bag according to your needs. A tactical rifle bag should be something you can use to adapt to your environment. MOLLE paneling allows you to do that so you can maximize the storage and function of your tactical rifle bag.

Easy Access to Storage

Nothing should be standing in your way when you are trying to get what you need. Your tactical gun bag should have pockets and compartments that enable easy access like ours do. There will be times when you need to grab something just in the nick of time so make sure you have a range bag that makes things easier for you.

A multitude of exterior pockets and the ability to add extra compartments means our range bags are the most versatile bag you’ll ever have.

All the Space You Need

Range bags do more than just carry your rifles and gear. You might need a first aid kit, extra clothing, documents, and other personal items. You need lots of storage space and lots of organized storage space. What is the point of lugging around a bulky range bag if you can hardly find anything?

Our large range bags are designed for better use to store everything you need, from extra pistols to your shooting glasses, there is a space for everything. These tactical range bags are designed to provide the ultimate convenience for shooters. With numerous pockets and magazine holders, you can easily carry ammunition and accessories in a tactical rifle case, so you'll be prepared. Our range bags offer plenty of space and organization, making them a perfect choice.

Built to Last

The chances are that you don’t need a range bag to just stand around. You need a range bag that is built to last. You need a range bag that can withstand the harshest of conditions as you move around.

Our range and rifle bags are designed to provide maximum durability and performance. Made from high-quality materials, these bags are built to withstand wear and tear, offering reliable performance for years to come. With their rugged construction, you can feel confident that your gear will stay safe during transport.

Comfortable Carry and Ergonomic Design

With comfortable shoulder straps and solid design, our heavy duty range bags and backpacks are perfect for the shooting range or out in the field.

Having the right range bag for transporting your rifles and ammunition is essential. Adjustable straps provide a secure and comfortable way to carry heavy loads while keeping your firearms and other equipment in place. It will also reduce strain on your body as you move about.

You need the best to be the best. Explore our collection of range bags above for your perfect fit.