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Precision 37" Double-Rifle Case


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The PRECISION 37" is a heavy-duty double tactical rifle bag able to comfortably store your firearms. The Precision 37” gun case comes equipped with our innovative detachable pistol case holding one pistol and up to five magazines. Both ends of the front panel of this double rifle case are lined with MOLLE compatible webbing for easy attachment of gear.

Two MOLLE mag pouches on our double rifle bag come attached to the webbing with enough room to store up to three full-sized rifle magazines in each. The MOLLE-compatible platform gives you the freedom to adjust mag pouches as needed for this soft rifle case. Three large zippered exterior pockets allow for quick storage of all your range day essentials and accessories.

“Hideaway” zippered backpack straps are located on the rear of the bag, making it easy to carry the double rifle case when fully loaded. The adjustable sternum strap helps take pressure off the shoulders, evenly distributing the weight of the case.

  • Padded double rifle slots
  • Lockable SBS zippers
  • Hook & Loop compression straps
  • Internal padded divider
  • Padded sleeves for stock and barrel
  • Extensive front MOLLE platform with adjustable mag pouches
  • Detachable padded pistol case with D-ring support and storage for 5 pistol mags
  • 3 large exterior accessory pockets
  • Hideaway backpack straps with quick-release clips
  • BONUS: Detachable padded pistol case with D-ring support and storage for 5 pistol mags

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Main Compartment 37" (L) x 13" (H) x 6" (W)
Pistol Case 12" (L) x 10" (H)
Adjustable Mag Pouches 5" (L) x 9" (H) x 4" (W)

Designed in Rancho Cucamonga, California

"Yes, it's a real place!"

Detachable Pistol Case


Concealable Heavy-Duty Shoulder Straps

Double Rifle Case

Stay prepared with a double rifle case

Our durable and unyielding double rifle case embodies strength for the fearless outdoor adventurer. A double rifle case is far from being an indulgence—it’s a wise decision that ensures both protection and convenience with the ease of a pistol case. With this rifle range bag by your side, you can protect your valuable rifles and enjoy easy transportation.

There’s no need to worry about the safety of your firearms anymore with this PRS rifle case. This double rifle case is meticulously crafted for durability. With detailed engineering and tactical precision, we have designed our tactical rifle case to withstand the harsh, rugged conditions you favor. Once you try our double rifle case, you’ll want to make sure you have one for all of your rifles.

Our tactical AR case not only offers ample storage for your essential rifle gear, but also provides a secure and organized space for your ammunition, extra magazines, and accessories. It’s more than a rifle case, it’s the command center for your adventures.

Ergonomic and Comfortable

Looking for the best rifle case for comfort? You’ve found it in our double rifle case. Designed to be sturdy and dependable, the shoulder straps on our double rifle case can handle heavy weights and rigorous use without breaking a sweat. When you're out and about with tons of gear, trust that our rifle bag will have your back.

Our durable straps are built to withstand any adventure, ensuring that you can move freely without any worries. With padded shoulder straps for added comfort, carrying your rifle case has never been easier. Forget the unnecessary strain and hassle with our reliable comfort straps.

The ingenious hideaway backpack straps with quick-release clips ensure your rifle case hugs your body perfectly. These fast-acting clips guarantee absolute security. The sleek, concealable design eliminates any unnecessary bulkiness, ensuring nothing gets in your way while you're on the move with our double rifle case. Plus, it maintains the streamlined aesthetics of our tactical rifle bag.

Keep Your Gear Secure

When you're out in the unpredictable wilderness, you need gear that can keep up with you. But what about protecting your valuable equipment? The best rifle bag should protect your gear. An AR 15 rifle case is more than just a bag.

It ensures your gear stays safe and secure no matter what challenges come your way. We designed our incredible double rifle bag to exceed all your expectations Featuring internal padded dividers, padded sleeves for stock and barrel protection, and padded double rifle slots to separate your gear and keep them secure.

The lockable SBS zippers are built for security. This way you can ensure no one tampers with your equipment in your AR 15 rifle case. You can enjoy your adventures without worrying about someone stealing your valuable items. Trust in our tactical rifle bag to have your back and keep your equipment protected.

Customizable for Your Tastes

Are you on the hunt for the best double rifle case that will fit your needs? Well, Our MOLLE platform allows you to personalize your bag with ease and creativity. Attach pouches, compartments, and endless possibilities to craft a unique solution that caters perfectly to your unique demands. Bid farewell to compromising with generic options—our double rifle case is as flexible and dynamic as you are.

Made for All Occasions

When it comes to hunting, things can be unpredictable— and it’s always good to have a backup. Why have one rifle when two is even better! Our soft double rifle case is perfect for making sure you can carry both your favorites with you.

After all, you may want to carry a full-length and a carbine length barrel for close encounters. Our rifle case with double compartments makes sure you’re ready for the hunt.

If you’re a competitive shooter, then the convenience of a double rifle case with a soft exterior is even more handy. The best rifle range bag will help you to stay agile and make it easier for you to focus on your targets and not worry about finding your gear when you need it. A precision rifle bag provides easy access and smooth transportation.

If you’re a survivalist, you prioritize adaptability and preparedness. Having a 2 rifles range bag becomes a crucial advantage. You need a sturdy and versatile double rifle case that is customizable. Unpredictability is the only certainty in some situations and a reliable solution is making sure your dual rifle bag is protecting your gear!

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