About Us


Whether it’s our duty to serve our county, the streets, or the world we live in, we all have our place and we all share a common goal. To protect and preserve the quality of life we have been provided. Highland Tactical exists to build the bridge from the novice searching to understand the tactical world, to the experienced elite military soldier. “It’s your mission” “Get Tactical”.


Our Mission:  Highland Tactical is built on providing the best value to those in the Tactical World. We strive to make quality products that will enhance the life of those that choose to - GET TACTICAL ®


Our Vision:  The world we live in is ever evolving and we are here to change with it by bringing innovation, value, and quality.   To be a leader in our industry we know we will need to stand elevated looking down from the heights of creativity onto the landscape of excellence.  We take pride in the gear that we make and we work hard to design and provide quality that exceeds the expectations of our end users.  We want to bring value to those in the tactical world as well as those seeking to understand the tactical world.  We believe that everyone should have the right to bear arms, gear up, and “get tactical”.