Foxtrot Backpack Review

Foxtrot Backpack Review
Our friends over at The Square Reviews, a new 2024 product and travel review website, recently released a review post about our Foxtrot backpack. Overall, TSRs had positive commentary about the bag, noting specifically that "the Foxtrot 3-Day backpack is a formidable option when selecting a bag for use," and that the material of the bag is "rugged and seems to be very abrasion resistant." TSRs has had the Foxtrot for about six months stating they used it upon "several multi-day trips" and observed that "it more than provided the space needed to house all [their] clothing and gear."
The Square Reviews Team specifically mentioned that:
"If pressed, depending on what I was doing or where I was going, I’m sure I could use the Foxtrot for a full week’s amount of clothing. Naturally, clothing selection and type would play into this, but there’s no reason why the Foxtrot can’t be the main vessel to put your gear in on a multitude of adventures.
"Since the bag has a rugged design, it’s more than suitable for outdoor use. While it’s not as lightweight as some of the nylon backpacking options that are out there, there’s no doubt that the bag would outperform other options if up against rough and harsh surfaces."
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