Your Guide to Concealed Carry With a Fanny Pack

Your Guide to Concealed Carry With a Fanny Pack - Highland Tactical

Fanny packs may be a reemerging style trend from the 90s, but this modernized bag comes with versatility and convenience. It’s not just for women looking for a replacement for their concealed carry purses - it’s for anyone who needs an extra hand carrying around their belongings when they’re on the go. Today, you can even consider a fanny pack for concealed carry.

You mean a fanny pack can hold a gun, properly and safely? There’s a way to conceal carry with fanny packs?

Yep, you heard that right: There are conceal carry fanny packs available that are specifically designed to store gear and keep it in place until you feel inclined to draw.

Here’s everything you need to know about finding a fanny pack for concealed carry:

Finding the Right Concealed Carry Fanny Pack

You can’t just grab a fanny pack from your local department store and call it a day. You have to find one that’s designed with functionality, mobility, and total safety in mind. Here are the factors to assess as you consider a fanny pack for concealed carry: 


Safety is the name of the game. You want to keep your firearm safe and within reach, and a well-designed concealed carry fanny pack makes this possible. Easily accessible compartments keep your weapon close to you at all times, which can help you feel safer and more secure while carrying. 


Wearing a fanny pack is one of the most convenient options for storing your belongings and carrying them with you. When you introduce the idea of concealed carry in fanny packs, this notion remains true. In place of on-body carry with a holster, or other off-body storage mechanisms, you gain direct access to your firearm with a simple zip of the pocket on your fanny pack. 


A generic, traditional fanny pack won’t give you the peace of mind you need to feel comfortable carrying your gear. A fanny pack designed for concealed carry will contain specific compartments for your weapon and other accessories so that it functions as an alternative to your holster or in addition to your holster providing extra storage of magazines or other key components. 

The functionality allows you to put all of the gear you might need in one place, such as extra magazines, pocket knives, and other useful and common accessories you might want to carry near your weapon.


Given the nature of a fanny pack and how you’re supposed to wear it around your waist, it’s important to ensure it’s designed with comfort in mind. Your fanny pack should sit appropriately at the top of your hips without feeling too heavy or uncomfortable. The right conceal carry fanny pack is designed to provide heavy-duty durability for your weapon without dragging you down in the process.


Many people who haven’t jumped on the fanny pack bandwagon are typically unattracted to the way it looks when in use; most traditional fanny packs found in fashion stores are designed to look cute. 

At Highland Tactical we like our conceal fanny packs to focus on functionality than style and that means they have bungee’s to hold your gear in place, compartments for conceal carry, molle webbing and more.This makes them  less flashy and more purposeful than their traditional counterparts. 

Our conceal carry fanny packs are military-style accessories that gives you an optional, hands-free way to carry your necessities and favorite pistol. 

Grab a Conceal Carry Waist Pack from Highland Tactical 

Searching for a concealed carry fanny pack that’s designed for military-grade performance? Highland Tactical’s Mobility Waist Pack isn’t your average fanny pack - it’s convenient, accessible, and rugged enough to withstand the elements and assist you from simple day-to-day tasks to adventurous outdoor sports and activities.  

Its wrap-around MOLLE system makes it simple to attach extra gear to the concealed carry fanny pack, and the front and back pockets allow for easy storage of personal items. You can even add more to the main compartment than your concealed carry weapon, as its spacious interior enables you to carry whatever you need to feel comfortable and confident navigating any situation.

This isn’t your average fanny pack - think of it as a more robust, modernized holster.

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