7 Pieces of Must-Have Tactical Gear You Should Own

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Tactical gear has become increasingly popular in outdoor and survivalist communities  - and for good reason. Because when we say tactical gear, we’re talking about the type of gear that is designed to be highly functional and reliable. We design the every day tactical gear you need with durability, versatility, and portability in mind.

Your must-have tactical gear can be used for a lot of everyday efforts and it must be designed well enough to withstand hard conditions and emergencies. Here are our top must-have tactical gear pieces:

1. Backpacks

Tactical backpacks are made to be both tough and utilitarian, with features that make them ideal for a range of outdoor activities. The materials used are usually strong and durable, able to stand up against the wear and tear of outdoor adventures.

A tactical must-have, like our Backlash backpack, has a lot of storage with compartments, pockets and MOLLE webbing, to ensure that all your gear is organized and easy to access. This is what makes it essential tactical gear.

Tactical backpacks are incredibly versatile and can accommodate various accessories, like hydration systems, pouches and attachments. This makes them incredibly practical in various scenarios because you can customize your backpack, whether it is a short day hike or a long expedition.

2. A Multi-Tool

Multitools are must-have tactical gear for any outdoor enthusiast or adventurer. Not only do they offer multiple functions in a single, compact unit, but they are also incredibly versatile and can be used to tackle a variety of tasks. Portable and lightweight designs make these tools great for outdoor activities.

With a single unit, you can have multiple functions at your fingertips, eliminating the need to carry around a bulky, heavy set of tools. In any emergency situation, having a stainless steel multitool can be a lifesaver. Whether you're out in the wilderness or in your own backyard, a multitool can provide the solution you need to get out of any sticky situation or even as a defense tool.

3. Face Guards

On land or water, face guards and neck gaiters are a must-have for outdoor protection. This piece of basic tactical gear is a tube-shaped fabric piece that can effectively wrap around the neck and cover the face to shield you from the elements.

They provide an effective layer of protection against cold temperatures, wind, and UV rays when worn as headgear. Face guards have moisture-wicking features to help keep the skin dry during exercise or other physical activity. They offer great protection from dust, dirt and environmental pollutants and can be worn as a neck warmer or pulled up to cover the nose and mouth.

4. Tactical Hats

High-quality tactical hats are created to withstand tough conditions and offer practical features. They're constructed to be highly functional and long-lasting.

Hats like our American flag trucker hats feature ventilation holes or mesh panels to help the wearer stay cool and comfortable in warmer climates. Other tactical hats  like our Boonie hat provide a wide brim to protect your face and neck from the sun’s harsh rays.

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5. GPS

GPS is also considered must-have tactical gear for outdoor activities since it provides precise and reliable location information. 

GPS systems are incredibly helpful for those exploring unfamiliar terrain, such as when going on a hike or hunt. They inform you of your location and the surrounding area, so you have a better understanding of where you are and an easier journey.

6. Flashlights

Flashlights are must-have tactical gear for any survival kit. Most phones come with built-in flashlights, but they are not as practical or reliable as having your own dedicated flashlight. Some small flashlights can be easily attached to any pack or belt, for quick and convenient access to them. 

Some tactical flashlights also come with high-intensity strobes that can be used as a signal for help in an emergency. When packing your tactical gear, make sure to include a reliable flashlight for any survival situation. Extra batteries should also be considered.

7. First Aid Kit

Tactical first aid kits are the go-to for essential medical supplies and equipment in difficult or extreme surroundings. They guarantee that you will have the needed medical supplies, especially in emergency situations like a severe injury or allergic reaction or any other medical emergency.

A first aid kit could be stored in our Rip Away Med Pack for convenient use. This must-have tactical gear is a convenient way to carry essential medical supplies, allowing you to quickly and easily access the items you need in an emergency.

Whatever your tactical gear needs are, you can find some of the best tactical gear for your needs.

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